Explaining / Myself

I've always drawn, and have been drawn to, diagrams, schematics and icons. They're densely loaded with meaning in a way that language alone rarely seems. And I’ve always been intrigued by how the diagrammatic can embody ideas and illustrate solutions. I’m fascinated with how the abstract acquires meaning, and I pay attention to how visual systems infiltrate our world—how they begin with specific functions but invariably undergo alterations, mutations and distortions.

I’ve also always found the iconographic aesthetically resonant. Diagrams are hybrids and their multi-faceted quality a sort of x-ray vision—the revealing of some hard-to-grasp truth. And this feels to me like an important part of beauty, a glimpse into the unseen systems of things.

I can only say that I try to make artwork that somehow operates in this zone—work which mixes the abstract, the representational and the symbolic in ways that reframe how we commonly process them. But the work doesn’t exist to be deciphered. These works are proposals, made with fragments of both the seemingly meaningful and the less obviously so. The aim is to create a counterpoint of well-positioned notes. If successful, the work echoes the joy of reading a good map, the surprise of finding a hidden pattern, or the appreciation of a wrong-sounding chord that somehow just feels right.

—TD, Dec 2023